God called Rev. and Mrs. Walter Gomez to serve Him in Mexico in the mid-1940’s. As a result of the number of people being saved through their visitation and evangelistic meetings, Rev. Gomez realized that God purposed to start a mission through him in Mexico. He spent a good deal of time studying different mission methods and other mission programs. He wanted to be sure the Lord truly was calling them. Not only did the Lord give the Gomezes the call for this new mission, but He revealed to them the kind of mission it should be.

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The Lord impressed on them to evangelize in various towns, to train national pastors, to help them establish indigenous churches and then form a national conference of churches in Mexico. The established individual churches, the church conference, a four-year Bible college and the many souls that have been saved show the wisdom of the guidance they received from the Lord.

Our mission was founded by Rev. Walter Gomez in 1954. Acting on God’s leading and with encouragement from his parents to take the Gospel to Mexico, Rev. Gomez found a solitary place in the Wichita Mountains near Lawton, Oklahoma, where he sought the Lord’s direction for his life’s work through prayer and Bible reading.

God used 2 Timothy 2:2 to give Walter the vision to go to Mexico: “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” The purpose was to evangelize in various towns, to train national pastors and help them establish indigenous churches.

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walter gomez emm

Mexican Mission Ministries became Evangelical Mission Ministries (EMM) in May 2007 to not only continue that vision and purpose but to expand it to include all of the Spanish-speaking world. This means not only Latin America and Spain but even non-Spanish-speaking countries with large populations of people for whom Spanish is their primary language. This includes our children’s evangelistic work in the area around our headquarters here in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas.

We continue to uphold the church conference and seminary with prayer and financial support. We also function as the sending mission for the US and Canadian missionaries now serving together with our brothers in Mexico. EMM stands alongside our Mexican brethren in a friendly partnership of ministry purpose.