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Tax Information

Evangelical Mission Ministries, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 IRS-Tax Exempt, Registered, Non-Profit organization, registered in the state of Texas, in the city of Pharr. Our functions include Evangelism, Humanitarian and Educational roles throughout Mexico and expanding throughout Latin America.

An Important Message From our Director .

Thank you for your faithfulness to God in supporting our ministries and missionaries allowing us to carry out the work that God has called us to. Technological advances are all around us. As good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we want to use them wisely. Knowing that some of you are accustomed to using the Internet, there are ways that we can reduce costs in the contribution process. Monthly contributors can set up an automatic bill payment plan through a bank. Most banks offer this service free and will send us a check each month without cost to you or us. This saves time, postage and transaction fees.