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EMM Short Term Mission Team Projects

Project List 2010

Projects for which funding is available:

Laying Paver Tiles

At the seminary in Pachuca we need to lay the paving tiles for the road that runs around all the buildings. This would involve first laying down a base of gravel, grading, then laying the tiles in place and, lastly cutting the ones on the edges to fit.

This project would be better suited to a group of 5 or more adults.

The advantages of this project are that dorm rooms are available to stay in while working at the seminary and there are always other little projects that need to get done. If there are kids or adults that don’t think they can help lay the paver tiles there is painting, gardening, cleaning, and other chores that they could work on.

Wiring the Eternal Refuge Church

The church in El Venado, Pachuca that we are helping build needs the electrical wiring installed. For this we would need someone with experience to draw up an electrical plan and then the workers to install the wiring and electrical fixtures.

This project would be best suited to a group of 5 or less.

Since the church is being built directly beside the seminary in Pachuca the dorm there would be used as accommodations. Also there would be other little projects like painting, gardening, cleaning, and other chores that they could be worked on at the seminary by those who can’t help with the wiring at the church.

Bricklaying at Atotonilco Church

The Church at Atotonilco which is about an hour east of Pachuca is building a new sanctuary. This would be primarily bricklaying for the walls.

This project would need one person to help mix cement and carry blocks for every bricklayer that came.



Projects for which funding is not available:

If you or your church would be interested in helping with one of the following projects it would require that you also raise the funds to pay for the materials that would be used.

Replacing a Carport Roof in Monclova

We have a bookstore in Monclova, Coahuila which is about 3 hours south of Eagle Pass, Texas. It has a carport with a tin roof that needs to be replaced. The wood rafters that are holding the roof up would also need replacing. The size of the roof is approximately 20’x40’. 

This project would need two or three adults with construction experience.

The estimated cost for materials is approximately $2000 dollars. This cost would need to be confirmed because of changing material costs.


Evangelical Mission Ministries, Inc

PO Box 636 Pharr, TX 78577-1611

Phone (956) 787-3543



Plumbing at Bookstore in Monclova

The plumbing at the bookstore in Monclova, Coahuila needs to be updated and in some cases repaired.

This project would need two or three adults, with at least one being a plumber.

It is hard to estimate an amount for this project because I am unsure of what all would need to be replaced. Someone with plumbing experience would need to look at the plumbing to see what all is needed.


Miscellaneous Projects:

We are also looking for people that are willing to donate their time to come down to either Mexico of Texas either singly or, if married, as a couple. We need people that are either willing to work or have experience in the following areas;

  • General yard work/gardening
  • Grounds maintenance/handyman
  • Painting
  • Website data entry person for bookstore in Monclova
  • Plumbing
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