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Survey 1

What days of the week and what time are you most likely to see a post from EMM on our facebook page at


Survey 2

Which of the many different E-book readers do you own or use ?  Nook, Kindle, Smart Phones, Android, Ipad or Iphone, Tablet, Pocket PC (Microsoft), Laptop, Netbook, Desktop Computer. . . ?

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When are you most likely to see Facebook Posts ?
1. If you use Facebook and follow EMM - What Days Of The Week are you most likely to see a notice or announcement on Facebook from EMM (select all days that apply)

Sunday (5) 19%
Monday (3) 12%
Tuesday (4) 15%
Wednesday (2) 8%
Thursday (3) 12%
Friday (4) 15%
Saturday (5) 19%

2. What Time of Day

Morning (till Noon) (0) 0%
Afternoon (12 PM to 5 PM) (0) 0%
Evening (5PM till Midnight) (5) 100%

Survey Introduction

The Surveys on this page do not require you to login, register or give up your email address.  They can not identify the person taking the survey, and only exist to help us serve better.  Thank you for your time and may God Bless you in your own every effort to Serve Him.

Which E-book Device do you own or use
Which E-book Reader Do You Own/Use or are planning on buying?

Do You Use a Smart Phone that can view E-books ?

Other Devices That Can View E-books - check any that you use

Have you read any of the current E-books from EMM currently available in PDF format for many devices (check all that apply)

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