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Dedicated EMM Donations Website

In an effort to maintain professionalism and continued donor confidence we have created a new website dedicated to donors and prospective donors.  

With all the fraud, waste, and self serving greed that has, and is occuring within non-profits, it is difficult for a small, legitimate organization to gain trust and donor confidence.

Hopefully this website will help address these issues as well as create an easy, friendly way for our supporters to make safe donations online if they desire.  

From this new site you can view things related to financial transparency and IRS tax status.  You can find links to our Guidestar Listed Status.  (Guidestar is the premier database of Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations.  With information ranging from Address and contact info to Boards of Directors and Federal 990 IRS filings, it is the first stop for most large foundations and trusts)

We are creating "Projects Pages".  These pages will give more detailed information for all of the current "special funding" needs that we have assumed.  From huricane flooded churches and communities to a Christian family counseling center, to a transportation fund for helping a missionary national travel between the churches he is responsible for.  These are just a few of the projects that we undertook last year.   

The new site has a Calendar that will soon list where our missionaries and representitives will be speaking.  Churches, banquets, even summer "Open House Events" here at our mission headquarters - you can keep watch of these events to find one that might be near you.  Come and meet us or our ambassadors first hand to learn how God is working through us.

And finally, this new site will contain all the online and electronic donation options for our Missionaries, General Funding, and Special Projects. 

Are you already an EMM supporter ?  You can click on the link below to go directly to our new donations page.

Click here to go directly to the new Evangelical Mission Ministries donation page

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