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Ministries of EMM

EMM at Home

At the EMM Offices in Pharr, Texas:

Administration, Support, Printing, Communications, Media Development and Publication, Project Coordination, Scheduling, Training, Sending Agency for American and Canadian Missionaries to CIEMAR and CETyM as well as other ministries outside of the CIEMAR conference including a Christian School and Christian Bookstores, Fund Raising for Building and Construction of New Churches or Renovation of existing buildings, Organizing and overseeing missions trips for supporting US churches, Recruiting.



 At CIEMAR Churches throughout Mexico:

Assists in Building and Construction of New Churches and/or Parsonages, Renovation of existing buildings, Assists with printed materials for classes, training and discipleship, Mission teams from the US assisting with Vacation Bible  Schools and childrens evangelism.  Similiar stateside roles for assisting seminary CETyM in Pachuca as well as financially supporting partial and full scholarships for needy students.




At CETyM Seminary in Pachuca:

EMM Missionaries sit on advisory board to the seminary, Assistance in Building and Construction and Maintanance of Dorms, Classrooms, Facilities and Offices, Assisting with partial and full student scholarship, Assisting with financialy supporting  staff salaries. Assisting with printed materials for classes, training and discipleship, Mission teams from the US assisting with on campus projects.

EMM Staff Members Pharr Offices

Left to Right:

Keith & Carol Anderson, Dan (with the Lord) & Twila Bradford, Betty & Dave Krueger, Glenda Hansen, Armando & Irma López, John & Ali Unruh (not shown).

  • Keith Anderson is the Executive Director of the Mission and his wife Carol does translation when needed. They joined the mission in 2009.
  • Rev. Dan Bradford and his wife Twila joined EMM in 2006. Dan was the business administrator until his passing away in February 2012. Twila is now the bookkeeper.
  • Dave and Betty Krueger joined the Mission in 1991. Dave came as maintenance director but after completing computer training he also became network administrator for the Mission. Betty is secretary and handles temporary housing as well.
  • Glenda Hansen, administrative assistant, began working as a secretary at the office in Pharr in 1975. She had just moved from South Dakota to escape the cold winters. Only 18 years of age when Rev. Gomez interviewed her, he thought she might not stay long, but more than 30 years later she is still here faithfully, every morning. Glenda has enjoyed working with the missionaries and praying for them as well as for the pastors and families on the field. In addition to her duties here, Glenda and husband Tim are both active in their local church as well.
  • Rev. Armando López has been the Coordinator of Ministry Advancement since April 2010. His wife Irma is our Spanish proof-reader.
  • John Unruh and wife Ali (not shown) joined EMM in 2009. John is the project coordinator for the mission. Their son Asher was born in October 2010.
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