Current EMM Missionaries

Keith and Carol Anderson

Serving with EMM since 2009

The Andersons joined EMM in March of 2009 after having served God at the Rio Grande Bible Institute (RGBI) for over 19 years in various ministries. Prior to RGBI, they were missionaries in Ecuador for seven years involved in church planting, adult literacy, bookstore ministry and a Christian elementary school. God used Keith to obtain government permission to initiate a junior high school before the Andersons returned to the USA. While at RGBI, Keith earned a Masters degree in Ministry Leadership from Crown College. Now as Executive Director, Keith travels into Mexico (often with Carol) representing EMM in churches and ministries. Carol does translation work and helps out where needed. They are excited to see what God is doing and going to do through EMM.




Paul & Eunice Unruh

Serving with EMM since 1986

Paul and Eunice's parents (Unruhs & Koops) were co-workers with MMM/EMM since the early 60's so Paul and Eunice attended school together. They both graduated from Prairie Bible Institute and were married in 1986. They have four children: John, Rebecca, Lynette and Paul David. Paul began teaching at the seminary in Monclova in 1986 and received a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Columbia Biblical Seminary in 2002. They moved to Pachuca when the seminary was moved from Monclova in 2000. Paul continues to teach at the seminary, and he together with two national seminary instructors serve on the Administrative Board. As Field Director, Paul travels extensively throughout the conference of churches to help coordinate the work between EMM and the Church Conference. He also takes students on tour throughout the churches to promote the seminary.



Dave & Cristy Roberts

Serving with EMM since 1989

David and Cristy, who live in Aguascalientes, MX, were married in 1989 and joined the Mission in 1990. They have five children, Jonathan, Stephanie, Joseph, Josiah and Joshua. They have two Bible bookstores in Aguascalientes, one in Leon and one in Zacatecas. In addition, they distribute literature to other bookstores in the central states of Mexico. They are involved in the operation of a Christian kindergarten and elementary school in Aguascalientes, currently with more than 80 students. David also teaches a Bible class in a local church.




Dean & Sylvia Hebron

Serving EMM through cooperation with Global Outreach Mission since 2003

Dean and Sylvia, from Virginia, are missionaries under Global Outreach Mission of Buffalo, NY. They joined the seminary staff in 2003. Dean has a Masters of Theology degree from Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD, and both Dean and Sylvia have music degrees. They served at the seminary until 2011 when health issues due to the altitude of Pachuca forced them to relocate to the United States. But God provided for continued involvement at the seminary. They are now working on developing online classes and extension school courses, and Dean is teaching live classes by Skype. 





Dan & Twila Bradford

Serving with EMM since 2006

Rev. Bradford began as business administrator for EMM in 2006. He and wife Twila have four children: Daniel (in the ministry), Abigail, Nathan and Timmy. Dan graduated from Moody Bible Institute and Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD, and served as a pastor in Maryland and Texas. Since Dan's death, Twila is helping in the office at EMM headquarters. Twila and the rest of the Bradford family is working to share the Gospel through evangelistic children's programs in several housing projects here in Pharr.







John and Ali Unruh

Serving with EMM since 2009

John and Ali were married in March and joined the EMM staff in April 2009. As project coordinator, John is involved in ministry at headquarters as well as leading work teams on projects for several ministries in Mexico associated with EMM. He grew up in Mexico with his missionary parents, Paul and Eunice Unruh, as well as paternal and maternal grandparents (Unruhs/Koops). Thus, the Spanish language and Mexican culture are second nature to him. While studying civil engineering at the University of Idaho, John met Ali. She enjoys traveling with him, helping out where needed and is in the process of learning Spanish. God blessed John and Ali with their first son Asher in October of 2010.





 Armando & Irma López

EMM's Newest Appointees March 2010

Armando graduated from the original CETyM seminary in Monclova in 1976.  He pastored various churches within the CIEMAR association of churches while simultaneously serving in various posts within CIEMAR's administration.  Irma studied for a carreer in business and was working in the banking industry in Monclova, while serving various roles in her local church until she and Armando were married. After they married in 1983, they continued serving in the pastorate.

In 1986, they started the Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Bethesda) in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, MX.  In 1996 they joined the staff at Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Tx.  AT RGBI, they served in both administerial and ministerial capacities.  In March 2010 they came back to serve with EMM, the founding organization of both CIEMAR and CETyM.  They will be representing and raising both awareness and support for the many roles of EMM.  Not only among the traditional English speaking churches but also among the rapidly growing numbers of Spanish language churches that are reaching a maturity level of sending and supporting mission work as opposed to being new mission works themselves.

The Lopez' have three children: Armando, Josué Eduardo and Néstor Isaí and all are active in their local church.. 



Does Your Name Belong Here

Serving with EMM since NOW

Fellow Christian - Where Is God Calling You? You are currently serving in your local church, maybe you are already active in Hispanic ministries but you know something is lacking. You know that God is calling for more. 


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