Linden Unruh Short Bio

Serving with EMM since 1954

Linden Unruh Linden was the first missionary after MMM was incorporated in 1954. He and wife Melba helped start the seminary in 1955. In the early years they did a lot of village evangelism. In the 1960's they started a church in Monterrey, NL. This church now has several mission outreaches in Mexico's third largest city. Linden was president of the seminary and field director for many years. Melba passed away in 2002. Linden continues to teach classes at the seminary, holds seminars in many of the Conference churches and also teaches off-campus Bible courses in Chicovasca, about an hour from Pachuca.




Current EMM Missionaries

Mail :

Linden Unruh
Apdo. 20 Admon. 2
Pachuca de Soto, Hgo.
CP 42083 México

Office Telephone:

011 52 771 211 0306



Skype: n/a

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Lindens News Letters
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