Ministries of EMM

EMM at Home

At the EMM Offices in Pharr, Texas:

Administration, Support, Printing, Communications, Media Development and Publication, Project Coordination, Scheduling, Training, Sending Agency for American and Canadian Missionaries to CIEMAR and CETyM as well as other ministries outside of the CIEMAR conference including a Christian School and Christian Bookstores, Fund Raising for Building and Construction of New Churches or Renovation of existing buildings, Organizing and overseeing missions trips for supporting US churches, Recruiting.



 At CIEMAR Churches throughout Mexico:

Assists in Building and Construction of New Churches and/or Parsonages, Renovation of existing buildings, Assists with printed materials for classes, training and discipleship, Mission teams from the US assisting with Vacation Bible  Schools and childrens evangelism.  Similiar stateside roles for assisting seminary CETyM in Pachuca as well as financially supporting partial and full scholarships for needy students.




At CETyM Seminary in Pachuca:

EMM Missionaries sit on advisory board to the seminary, Assistance in Building and Construction and Maintanance of Dorms, Classrooms, Facilities and Offices, Assisting with partial and full student scholarship, Assisting with financialy supporting  staff salaries. Assisting with printed materials for classes, training and discipleship, Mission teams from the US assisting with on campus projects.

Dean & Sylvia Hebron Short Bio

Serving EMM through cooperation with Global Outreach Mission since 2003

Dean and Sylvia, from Virginia, are missionaries under Global Outreach Mission of Buffalo, NY. They joined the seminary staff in 2003. Dean has a Masters of Theology degree from Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD, and both Dean and Sylvia have music degrees. They served at the seminary until 2011 when health issues due to the altitude of Pachuca forced them to relocate to the United States. But God provided for continued involvement at the seminary. They are now working on developing online classes and extension school courses, and Dean is teaching live classes by Skype.

Current EMM Missionaries Contact Information

Mail :

Dean & Sylvia Hebron
699 Cherry Avenue
Waynesboro, VA 22980


Office Telephone:




Skype j.dean.hebron

Instant Messenging: n/a

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