EMM Board of Directors


EMM Board of Directors

Left to Right:

Jerry Regier, Don Batz (Treasurer), Paul Unruh (Secretary), Ken Ratzlaff (Vice-president), Jim Hiebert, Don Schmidt, Bob Ratzlaff (President), Linden Unruh (emeritus), Bill Yoast (not shown).

  • Jerry Regier became a board member in 2012 and lives in Atlanta, GA. He is the chief operating officer & consultant for the Calvin Edwards Co. and has worked with various Christian organizations.
  • Don Batz (Treasurer) has been a board member since 1997 and lives in Pleasant Hill, CA. Don has also been a board member of Berean Christian High School, Walnut Creek, CA, for 25 years, and is a former deacon.
  • Paul Unruh (Secretary) is the son of Linden Unruh, EMM's first missionary. Paul grew up in Mexico and returned to serve the Lord there as well. He has been serving as a missionary since 1986 and an EMM board member since 2007. He was a Professor and registrar at the seminary in Monclova prior to it's move to Pachuca. Paul formerly served as director and now is Academic Dean of CETyM seminary in Pachuca and serves on it's administrative board.
  • Ken Ratzlaff (Vice-president) has been a board member since 1997. He lives in Bangor, MI. Ken is an elder of Hope Reformed Church, South Haven, MI.
  • Jim Hiebert has been serving as an EMM board member since 2008. His father was a board member for 47 years until his death in 2008. Jim lives in Winter Haven, FL, and is a former deacon and Master Plan Committee member at Faith Baptist Church in Winter Haven, where he has been a member for 15 years. He has been Senior Adult director there for 4 years.
  • Don Schmidt has been a board member since 1985 and lives in Morro Bay, CA. Don has many years of involvement with Hispanic ministry in central California, most of that time as a pastor. He has been working within American Missionary Fellowship churches on the Central coast of California. Don is an Elder at Baywood Park Community Church, Los Osos, CA.

  • Bob Ratzlaff (President) has been serving as an EMM board member since 2009 and lives in Grove, OK. He has spent four years as a volunteer presenter (along with his wife) of "Be Transformed" seminars in our seminary and churches in Mexico. He has thirteen years of volunteer work in a Biblical Counseling Ministry. Bob has served as an elder in two churches at different times and has served in many administrative positions within these churches.
  • Linden Unruh (emeritus) was the first missionary appointed by EMM upon its incorporation in 1954. He started serving together with Walter Gomez approximately a year before the official formation of the mission. Read more about his life and history under: Current Missionaries or in a short history downloadable in an E-book format covering the history of EMM. Linden serves as a consultant to the board.
  • Bill Yoast (not shown) has been a board member since 1974. He lives in Lawton, OK. Over the years he has had various positions at Faith Bible Church, Lawton, OK. He is currently adult Sunday school teacher, and serves on  the executive board and the benevolent committee.


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